Ratheo learners receive priceless training

Published: June 14, 2010
Ratheo students outside Vega

The iSchool Africa World Cup Youth Press Team” will join thousands of local and international journalists in covering the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, which kicks off on June 11.

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Launch of iSchoolAfrica World Cup Youth Press Teams

Published: June 09, 2010
The BEDU team, pictured with students from Ratheo Intermediate School, at the launch of iSchoolAfrica World Cup Youth Press Teams

Vuvuzelas, ululations, songs and dancing were the order of the evening as iSchoolAfrica, in collaboration with FIFA, Core Group and various other organisations, launched the iSchoolAfrica World Cup Youth Press Teams at the Apple iStore in Sandton recently.

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iSchoolAfrica Project offers our schools a ticket to the future

Published: January 21, 2010
Each of the schools in Ledig will be allocated a mobile computer laboratory.

In line with our vision to transform the lives of our youth – we will be introducing iSchoolAfrica to all eight of our schools

What is iSchool Africa?

iSchoolAfrica brings the best educational technology and practices to teachers and learners in Africa.

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