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The long-term objective of the BEDU initiative is to create a self-reliant, well-educated and sustainable community in Ledig, where the Bakubung live. The education plan covers information technology needs, training and skills development, learner and teacher support, school healthcare provision and promotion of arts and culture.

Programmes that have been implemented successfully so far include supplementary schooling, a nutritious feeding scheme for 2 500 learners and curriculum support for mathematics, English and history educators. Within a year of implementing a supplementary education programme, the matric pass rate in the area increased from 34% to 61%.

So far BEDU has introduced supplementary education and curriculum support in schools, ensuring that academic standards in Ledig improve. By 2028 BEDU hopes to have created a pool of well-educated Ledig students who excel at tertiary institutions and blue chip companies as a result of their sharpened skills.

Simon Sedumedi, principal of Itumeleng Secondary School, is grateful for all that BEDU has done for his school. “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our partner, BEDU, for helping our school a great deal. They are not only helping education, they are involved in the development of the entire community,” he says.