Water Solutions

Water Solutions

BEDU will be addressing the water needs of the community, from basic provision of clean water for domestic use to supporting the needs of agriculture. To ensure that programmes are sustainable, workshops with water experts have been planned.

Tebogo Molese, programme project manager at BEDU, says, “Ledig’s number one issue is water. It is our biggest challenge.”

Water tanks around Ledig are filled twice a day to ensure that the community has access to fresh water. In the long term BEDU plans to build a reservoir and to direct water to every yard in Ledig.

So far BEDU has:

  • Completed research on long-term solutions for water reticulation to homes in Ledig.
  • Provided numerous boreholes and tanks to support water reticulation in schools and homes.

By 2028 BEDU hopes to

  • Ensure that all households have water reticulation to their homes and that there is sufficient water for agricultural programmes.
  • Build a new reservoir (one of many projects planned).