Sports and Arts

Sports and Arts

BEDU seeks to promote a sense of identity and place, and a vision for a sustainable future through the creation of arts and culture centres and the development of local sports.

Supporting arts and culture could help develop a vibrant creative industry in the region, which could have a hugely beneficial economic effect.

The development of a sports academy and improvement of facilities at existing sporting venues should encourage healthy, motivated and well-rounded learners.

So far BEDU has provided fully-functional basic multi-sport facilities, including equipment and clothing for use in various sporting codes.

By 2028 BEDU hopes to have built a community that produces national and international-standard athletes and sportspeople.

Strategic intent

The ultimate aim of the BEDU sports project is to develop healthy, well-rounded learners who are motivated and want to achieve success. It will also create and maintain sports facilities for the betterment of the lives of our learners in Ledig.

The project management team will be cohesive, professional, productive and socially responsible to the learners.

The initiative will provide every school in the community – at primary, intermediate and high school level – with a structured sports programme for boys and girls. Quality coaching will be provided in various sporting codes, including football, netball, tennis, volleyball, athletics, cricket and rugby.

Moilwa Piet Seroke, sports coach at Ratheo Intermediate School, believes that it’s important to strike a balance between sport and academic work. “Sometimes you need to leave marks out of it,” he says. “Children don’t just have to learn, they need to play also.”

He is full of gratitude for BEDU and the work it has done for the community. “Most of the kids come to school because of BEDU,” he says. “Ledig is a rough village and sport has taken them off the streets.”

Participant profile

  1. Bakubung Primary School: 503 learners, Grades R-6
  2. Mphuphuthe Primary School: 354 learners, Grades R-6
  3. Mperebere Primary School: 590 learners, Grades 0-6
  4. Tshose Primary School: 94 learners, Grades 1-7
  5. Bakgofa Intermediate School: 635 learners, Grades R-9
  6. Ratheo Intermediate School: 853 learners, Grades R-9
  7. Itumeleng Secondary School: 850 learners, Grades 7-12
  8. Tswaidi High School: 486 learners, Grades 10-12

Age-groups: U8; U10; U12; U14; U16; U18; 18+

Tournaments and special initiatives

In addition to regular sporting fixtures, BEDU will stage a number of tournaments throughout the year. These will add excitement to the sports programme, as a champion will be crowned at the end of each competition, ensuring additional prestige for the winning school.

BEDU plans to launch the following special initiatives:

Sport and cultural tours with both domestic and international league representatives, team bush camps, visits to heritage sites such as Maropeng, establishing links with overseas schools, cultural story exchanges, Internet friendships, sponsorship agreements, equipment and clothing sponsorships and establishing key partnerships.

We also hope to recruit sporting personalities such as Chiliboy Ralepelle as patrons, set up a department of sport, various sports associations and a sports hub in the community, and establish sports academies and a training base for international teams.