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Safety and Security

BEDU’s safety and security programme focuses on safety at schools, encouraging learners to report crime to the police and to act against gangsterism. The programme seeks to ensure a secure environment for the community, and goes hand-in-hand with their plans for social upliftment.

BEDU’s commitment to this programme is supported by the South African Police Service. Superintendent Tlholoe works closely with the Ledig community and regularly addresses the learners at their schools.

So far BEDU has:

  • Launched an anti-crime campaign to reduce crime in schools and the community. The campaign is run in partnership with the local police superintendent, various religious groups and other community-based organisations.

By 2028 BEDU hopes to:

  • Build a community that is no place for criminals.
  • Ensure that Ledig is a crime-free community where residents can live without fear.