Infrastructure and Healthcare

Infrastructure and Healthcare

Operating alongside the specific initiatives listed above are programmes that support the general wellbeing of the community. These include plans to upgrade facilities at schools, sports grounds and public areas, providing ablution blocks, grandstands and information technology labs.

Another focus is healthcare – from nutrition at school level to the provision of a mobile clinic for the area, BEDU is addressing the communities’ specific needs.

Jairus Nthobi Senne, a grade four teacher at Mpherebere Primary School, believes that the nutrition programme at schools is a very worthwhile initiative. “Our learners receive fruit packages twice a week, which helps a lot,” he says, adding, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

In terms of Infrastructure, so far far BEDU is:

  • In the process of building a R3-million multi-sports complex for various sporting codes, including tennis, netball, volleyball, soccer and rugby.
  • Renovating schools.
  • Designing and building new BEDU community offices, traditional council offices and office of the Kgosi.

By 2028 BEDU hopes to

  • Develop the Royal Family homestead, as well as smaller infrastructural developments in the community.
  • Ensure that at least 18% of contractual work by BEDU is for infrastructural development in the community.

In terms of Healthcare BEDU has:

  • Designed a mobile clinic for Grades 1 to 12 for all schools in Ledig.
  • The mobile clinic also offers daily frail-care services and provides referrals to various medical professionals, where needed.

By 2028 BEDU hopes to:

  • Create a young, AIDS-free generation of healthy learners from Ledig schools.
  • Work with local health authorities to provide fully functional clinics or hospitals to meet the needs of the community.