Economic Upliftment

Economic Upliftment

BEDU is working to establish local businesses, ensure business development and attract corporate investment to the area. It is also assisting local municipalities in making informed decisions on large economic projects.

So far BEDU has given local service providers the opportunity to pitch for contracts in the community to ensure 79% of work contracted by BEDU goes to residents of Ledig.

By BEDU 2018 hopes to:

  • Build a thriving and self-sustaining business community and local economy in Ledig, with ongoing capacity-building opportunities.
  • Implement good business practices.
  • Ensure Ledig contributes to the economy of South Africa.

Plans are in place with the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries to develop the agricultural sector in the area.

BEDU is working with local municipal bodies and traditional councils to ensure that projects are economically viable and sustainable.